Too Little, Too Late.

by Bombs And Beating Hearts

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Recorded Summer/Fall of 2009. Then sat dusty on the shelf for over 2 years. Here it is now.

There will be a "bonus track" only on the physical copy of the CD. There will only be 50 physical albums made.


released January 21, 2012

Robin Banks(Percussion and Vocals), Billy Bastard(Vocals and Tambourine), Ian Accord(Accordion and Vocals), Chuck A. Brick(Guitar and Vocals)

Mixed and Recorded By Erik Ohlson




Bombs And Beating Hearts Salt Lake City, Utah


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Track Name: Circles To Hearts
Do you remember when we were friends, such a long time ago?
When we would skateboard and dumpster dive in the sun, rain, and snow?
When we would meet up down by the river and imagine a world,
one where the sunlight doesn't fall upon the smog, pollution, and smoke.

Well I remember those days and I wanna get em back.
Early Mornings spent walking to and from the railroad tracks.
Having praxis in the park, our world was black and red.
We would try out recipes made out of dumpstered bread.
And nothing could stop us, we were invincible
spray-painting where we could an “A” inside of a circle(and then I got a road bike to replace my car. It was about that time that my circle became a heart.)

I wished that summer would never end
We shot the tube with our heroes and our best friends
The world was easy and the worlds was ours
But our eyes were bigger than our hearts.

I remember those days when it was just you and me
Spray-painting through the night and making folk-punk mix cds
Shoplifting what we could, taking snacks with our left hands
For the first time in my life it feels like someone understands
And nothing could stop us, we were bulletproof and free
No need to eat or sleep, we're fueled by love and anarchy
We slept in fields and rooftops underneath the stars
It was about that time that my circle became a heart.
Track Name: Stiff Joints & Gasoline
Coffee tastes like small towns on cold nights
Adventure's always near but sleep's nowhere in sight
we wait on the shoulder for a ride
but the cars always merge to the other side
we pull pallets in the trees to make our beds
but they wont keep the rain off of our heads
can't catch a wink, thorns in our sides
and we find out it's only nine at night

the ramen fueled our icy steps
through that dark spiteful town
the cops may see our final breaths
but I swear we'll take them down
they can slow our progress but they cannot halt it
this is not a means to an end
they can drop their bombs
but they'll never stop our songs
thats something they cant comprehend.
Track Name: Shiny Happy People Playing Seasonal Dub
The winter starlight filters through the clouds, it shines like silver./The air cold in my mouth, I think of you in all I see./It's only 6 o'clock, but night has shattered all the sunlight./I build a fire and I wish you were with me.//the night is cold and dark. I sing a song to match the freezing wind/that whistles knives into my mittened hands./My mind turns conversations into something like a litany,/as snow shifts underfoot like desert sands.//I walk through the night in a world frozen white/and wish I had somewhere to go./Do my best to stay warm, put my back to the storm/and remember when you used to hold me close.(And keep walking, to where, I don't know.)//somewhere there's a warm bed, two arms to hold me tight;/a wood-stove and hot chocolate; I'll use the TV for a night-light./I hope you know I miss you, I hope that you're okay./I think about your warm breath and slowly fade away.
Track Name: Taking Back Control
Sometimes i feel frustration and i let myself lash out/Soon after i feel remorse, it leaves me with self doubt/Am i in control? can i change who i am?/Am i going to break free? or will i become my dad?//I've recognized the situations and looked at what's inside
I'm working on a better me and taking back my life//This anger/It swells up/It makes us want to strike/Let's strike those who oppress us/Not the ones we like//I get so fucking mad/That it burns through my head/I can't fucking think straight/So, I'll storm off instead/Get control of my thoughts/And think this shit out/I'll be the change i wish to see and cool the fuck down//I don't want to be a product of my environment/What I'm working towards is better than what i've seen yet
Track Name: Boyfriend Song
I watch you two cuddle, I see you at shows/I wonder what you'd say if ever, you know?/When I see you, I smile and I hug both of you/But I wish your boyfriend was my boyfriend, too.//He's so cute he's so fuzzy and I wish he would love me/But I don't wanna hurt you 'cause you're so rad/He's funny, he's neat, and his skins salty-sweet/And even when I'm dying, he could make me laugh//I see you two kiss as the stars shine at night/I watch you two dance in the pale moonlight/I sing him a song, and another for you/Cause I wish your boyfriend was my boyfriend, too //I wanna kiss I wanna hug him and tell him that I love him/make him sweet yam fries with the green callaloo/I wanna fist I wanna fuck him and tell him that I love him/Cause I wish your boyfriend was my boyfriend, too//I'm from the old-school, my house smells like soul food,/Curry, falafel and bbq tofu. Fresh vegetables and them Ital stew/Cause I wish your boyfriend was my boyfriend, too/I know you're mad, I know you're scared/But you don't have to worry, 'cause I'm willing to share/Oh yeah. I wish my boyfriend was you.
Track Name: Halfway Hill
Sometimes i feel like I'm the only one not growing up/The only one that's still having fun/Remember when you and i/Skateboarded through the night/Underneath those city lights?// Let's meet at halfway hill//We'll make some time to kill/Pretend those times never ended/Meet at halfway hill/Our lives never felt so real/Let's make sure we live this to the end//Sometimes i get worried now/I feel like this can't work somehow/I get scared it's gotta end/Then i just remind myself/I got great friends to help me out/I've got no reason to be scared
Track Name: This Ain't No Fuckin' Calendar Son
I woke up this morning and I rose to my feet/put on my shoes to see where they would take me/lately i've been distraught over the smallest things/spent hours alone and I scrawled in my notebook/some doodles of bones some plants and some thoughts/im capturing feelings, a testament of where i'd been//I've never felt such reverance with pale blue excitement/my beating heart held by my trembling hands/i can find strength and joy inside me/i dont need your ideas of how I should be/my talents and pitfalls all make up who I am//I woke up this morning and I rose to my feet/put on my shoes to see where they would take me/i'm searching for the cure for that old reflexive thought//These trees, this road an escape from my empty home I've got enough life in me to live until I die/breathing hard but im hardly breathing depression's never been cured by sleeping/